Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's On The Menu?

There are so many delicious entree choices to pick from when having your event catered. Things to think about are: Do you want to serve appetizers and cocktails before dinner? Do you prefer a sit down dinner over a buffet style dinner? Depending on your budget a sit down dinner will be much more expensive then a buffet style dinner. It is always a good idea to arrange a tasting appointment with the catering company before booking and talk about your options. Make sure to have an entree that will serve guests that are vegetarian. What ever you decide on doing just try to make sure to enjoy your special dinner. I have seen many couples get so wrapped up in doing other things such as taking lots of photos or just making sure that the guests are comfortable. That's wonderful but then they do not get to enjoy their meal after is cold. If that does end up happening then let your caterers know that you would love some extra food packed so that you can enjoy later. They will be happy to do that! Bon Appetite!

Restaurant sign explaining services and hours
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Shrimp cocktail served in stem glass
close-up of a piece of cooked meat garnished with fried onions
Plate of food
close-up of a bowl of penne pasta

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shaken Or Stirred?

When planning an event I think its important to serve your guest a nice drink weather it be a cocktail, mocktail (Non Alcoholic Drink) a glass of wine, champagne or a ice cold beer. Guest tend to mingle, conversate and have a great time while holding and sipping on their beverage of choice, but beware that it can run you into some money if you decided to have an open bar. I have been noticing more at events that people choose to have a open bar, but only serve wine and beer or limit the guests to having a two drink minimum of choice and then switching to a cash bar after. That will save money. Another way is to have a bottle of wine and champagne placed at each table or just serve two signature drinks to play along with the theme of your event. I love drinks that look fun, elegant and refreshing. What are your favorites? Cheers!

Colorful martini drinks

Mojito cocktails, close-up

Pouring Champagne in Glass

Bottle of red wine and wineglass, close-up

Pint of lager on wooden bar

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product Event at the Wine and Roses Hotel & Spa

I had the pleasure to be invited to a product event on Saturday August 28th by a friend of mine, Magda Ramalho who is an independent director for Beauti Control Spa and Beauty Products. The Event took place at the Wine and Roses Hotel and Spa located in Lodi Ca. This venue is such a beautiful place. I have had a few visits before to dine at the restaurant located there, but never really had the opportunity to explore the whole property. Today was my chance.... and trust me, I fell in love. The event was held at the Garden Ballroom nestled in the lush greenery of the property and was set up beautifully. The staff and team members of this product company were full of life and so positive on what they had to offer. I tested some of products and felt really refreshed and renewed after using them. I had the pleasure to meet and take photos with Gary Jones, the president of marketing research and product development. He was a really a down to earth and pleasant gentleman and is very proud of what he does.

Special thanks to... Magda Ramalho for inviting me to this beautifying event. If anyone would love to get pampered, refreshed and glammed before an occasion, big event or just because your deserve it please let me know and contact Magda directly. "She will bring the spa to you" Her website is listed under my Refferal Links. Thank you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Touch Of Rock And Roll Glam

This wedding took place at the Purple Orchid on Saturday August 21st 2010. It was filled with gorgeous deep hues, edgy flower center pieces and scattered crystal rocks to add a touch of glam to the tables. The bridal party was very outgoing and energetic. They came down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony to a Def Leppard song and some of the bridal party even performed in a rock band for the guest that evening. For the short time I was there I enjoyed assisting and capturing some of the beautiful touches of this wedding.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

I think flowers are one of the most beautiful things in this world and it's wonderful how they can transform any area into a fabulous setting. I was so into roses as being my favorite flowers and always excited to get them from my husband, but now as I have become to see and know about other types of flowers I have fallen in love with them just the same. Each flower has its own unique color, shape and smell that when you bring a bunch of different types together you get a magnificent bouquet or centerpiece for your occasion or event. I now tell my husband whenever he is in the mood to bring home flowers (hint hint) ;) to feel free to pick out a bouquet with as many different types of flowers and colors he can get. They all have their special look and feel to them that can cheer anyone up and make any space beautiful. So what are your favorite flowers?

Person holding bunch of flowers

High angle view of a bunch of roses in a vase Vertical

Upscale restaurant table

Close-up of chandelier light

close-up of a bouquet of flowers on a chair in a lawn

Bike with basket of flowers

High angle view of a bouquet of flowers on the dining table

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cocktail Party In The Orchard

I had the pleasure to observe and help with a wedding put on by my friend Shilo Grever at the Purple Orchid in Livermore, Ca. Saturday August 14th 2010. The wedding was filled with beautiful canary yellows and the reception was a cocktail party theme in the orchard. It was a nice change to see a non traditional sit down reception. Guest were laughing and mingling while enjoying delicious hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and desserts from the fabulous food and drink bar. I was then excited to see towards the end of the evening how the bridal suite was decorated for the couple to enjoy.
Congratulations to the new... Mr and Mrs Randazzo!

Special Thanks To: Shilo Grever for inviting me to observe and be apart of this beautiful wedding! If anyone has a special occasion or an up coming event and would like to book this venue please let me know and contact Shilo directly at the Purple Orchid. Website listed under my referral links.